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Greetings to all,
               We at K.L.N.M POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE believe immensely in the
idea that a student from any sort of a moral and ethical background can
achieve in his educational asset and academic venture through dedicated
learning and technical approach. This website which helps in realizing the
belief is hereby dedicated to Amarar Thiru K.L.N.Krishnan Founder President.   
Apart from the other engineering departments, the mechanical department  
has   prepared   this   any   time accessible e-Learning facility available to our
fellow students of the   Mechanical engineering diploma course. This e-
Learning venture has been prepared very carefully keeping in mind that the
students can gain the ability to learn and understand the engineering concepts
clearly and thoroughly. The students can also test their ability in the test
section included at the end of each chapter. I being the head of the
department personally believe that this e-Learning process will surely make
the education imparting process to the students easier and fulfilling. I hereby
wish all the students great success and a fruitful carrier in the near future.  
With regards,
Dr.N.D.Premkumar M.E.,R.B.P.,M.B.A.,Ph.D
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Interview on 16/6/2012 @ Arul Murugan Polytechnic college, Karur for TATA STEEL - Salary package - Rs.25,000/- 1st class pass mandatory.
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